Warcraft is a server mod based on Warcraft 3 developed by Blizzard.
Warcraft also known as War3Source or Warcraft 3 Mod.
Upon killing enemy players, you will receive experience points that can be spent on special talents.
Also, a currency called "Gold" is given to buy artifacts from the Shopmenu. Shop items can also be used to enhance a Race's talent.
For example, an Undead Scourge player with a maximum level in Levitation will jump higher if he uses the Boots of Speed,
as well as the Cloak of Shadows which further helps the Human Alliance Invisibility talent, and Orcish Horde's Wind Walker talent.


Ultimate and ability skills need to be activated via a console command.
You must bind these commands to keys, so that the talents can be used faster.
For example:
bind Z +ability
bind X +ultimate
The result will be that upon pressing the Z button, the ability will be activated,
and upon pressing X the ultimate will be used.
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