This is a list with all chat commands
You can bind these commands by using say_team command.
For example: bind C "say_team wcs"

Command list

wcs - Main mod menu. You can find most of the commands listed below
cr - Change race. You can also write name of race after cr. For example: cr human
sh1 - Open Shopmenu
xp - Shows experience points
resetskills - Dump the distributed talents of the race chosen at present
war3top10 - Top 10 playerswith total levels on the server
spendskills - Spend experience points for talents
skl - Shows current race's talents
maxhp - Shows your max health
speed - Shows your max speed
bp - Buy previous shopmenu items
skulls - Shows your current count of skulls (Succubus Hunter)
gold - Shows your current count of gold

You can also buy items from the Shopmenu command in chat. Read more in Shopmenu description.