Server mod description

Diablo – is a mod like Warcraft mod, with levels, magic and items

You earn experience by killing enemies and completing game objectives. Most races abilities can be activated and accumulate
if you are standing with a knife and waiting for charging. Some race abilities can be activated with R button on knife. So, you dont need binds here)

You will receive an item for kill. Item will give you additional abilities. Item strength will decrease if enemies will damage you. You will lose the item if his strength is equal to zero. Items can be repaired
in the “Store”, but there is a chance that it will break. The items can be passive (invisibility, vampiric)  and active (totems, mines, fireballs). Active items can be activated with E button.

Intelligence — increases the power of magic and items
Strength — increases HP
Agility — increases chance to find best/unique item and reduces damage by bullet, grenade and knife. Damage = damage - (damage*Agility*0.005)
Dextery — increases speed and decreases magic damage

Maximum skill level: 50

There are 8 races with a maximum level of 101 and more than 60 items.